If you’ve had a change of heart or recently acquired an NFT from secondary marketplaces and wish to remove the item from our marketplace, it’s simple. Just send 0.05 SOL to the fee wallet and complete the form on our website. Your NFT item will be promptly removed, allowing you to replace it with another item if desired.


We charging 0.15 SOL fee per NFT merch item. (The fee will vary depending on the popularity of this feature.)

Fee wallet – G6Vu13Y5gicHmmrNqFzNyHWsFEbCE4aNkdL3UAu3L8RA

*The fee must be paid from the same wallet where the NFT is located.

Please enable JavaScript in your browser to complete this form.
Provide your telegram @ or link. In case we have additional questions
Copy paste bambit shop link. Example -
Payment sent?
Payment must originate from the wallet where the NFT is located.
Why you want to remove this item from shop?